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IPMA Level B® Certification(Certified Senior Project Manager)

IPMA certification — delivered locally, recognised globally

IPMA Certification —based on IPMA International Certification Regulations (ICR4) & IPMA Individual Competence Baseline (ICB4)

Level B is constructed in terms of the leadership of others in complex projects throughout the life cycle.This also applies to portfolio and programme management roles and life cycles (where applicable).

Competence in Project

Is a collection of knowledge, personal attributes, skills and relevant experience needed to be successful in Project manager orchestrates multiple activities with the aim of achieving the ultimate objectives through Projects under socio, political, economic and legal environment within time & cost budget.

IPMA has evolved a 4 Level Certification (4LC) covering the entire professional career of project professionals.

“IPMA certification has given me self-knowledge, an extended network and a verification of my competence.”

— Per-Olof Sandberg, Program Manager, Major Programs, SEB

Benefits of Project Management Certification

  • Project management certification is highly regarded – it improves one’s capability to deliver better,faster, less expensive products and services.
  • Performance based certification secures competitive differentiation.
  • Project management plays a key role in global business environment – certification ensures that you have standards by which project management performance can be measured.

Benefits of Project Management Certification for the Employers

  • It provides a benchmark for the recruitment, training and development of project management staff.
  • It provides a marketing tool by demonstrating the company’s commitment to excellence in project management and the competence of its staff.
  • It helps significantly, to provide confidence to clients that the company can handle the clients’ business efficiently and cost effectively.

Benefits of Project Management Certification for the Employees

  • It provides peer recognition of one’s competence.
  • It compliments and enhances other technical or business qualifications by demonstrating that an individual is also competent in the crucial ability to manage projects.
  • It assists in the recognition of the transferability of an individual’s skills from one company or industry to another.
  • Through participation in the certification process, individuals enhance their confidence in their project management and general business knowledge.

Benefits of Project Management Certification for the Customers

  • It enables clients to assess a proposed project manager’s competence.
  • It provides positive proof that the individual concerned has gained peer recognition of his/her ability to manage projects.
  • It builds confidence about the company undertaking the project.

IPMA Level B: Certification Process / Steps:

IPMA 4 level Certification (4LC) is based on People, Practice and Perspective. It is the only competency based certification across the complete career path available globally. Competency based certification truly reflects the excellent track record of a professional. IPMA Level B requires a candidate to demonstrate evidence of 80% of the domain CEs defined in the ICB, in a complex environment

Eligibility: All experience for Level B must have been obtained within the last 8 years. The evidence timescale can be extended by 4 years with justification.

  • Certified Senior Project Manager: A minimum of 5 years’ experience as a project manager of which at least 3years were in a responsible leadership function managing complex projects.
  • Certified Senior Programme Manager: A minimum of 5 years’ experience as a programme manager of which at least 3 year s were in a responsible leader ship func tion managing complex programmes.
  • Certified Senior Portfolio Manager: A minimum of 5 years’ experience as a portfolio manager of which at least 3years were in a responsible leadership function managing complex portfolios.

IPMA Level B : At a Glance

IPMA Level B: Certification Process / Steps

PCF01: Application Form

CV (must include): • Name and contact details of applicant • Career history

PCF02: Self-Assessment Form (on the 29 Competence elements)

At least 2 professional referees who are familiar with the applicant's eligible work experience.

PCF03: Executive Summary Report: 10 – 15 Pgs ((Max. 2-3 pgs for each project and max. 6 projects) (A4 Size, Font Arial 11) regarding the candidates' suitability for assessment based on the eligibility criteria and must include: • Organization (company details, industry and project types, principal objectives of the organization and business unit the applicant works in) • A one page summary for each of the project (s) / programme (s) / portfolio (s) with related time schedules and phases and resources available to them • The role of the applicant (an organization chart with their position identified, their area of responsibility, an overview of the Project Management procedures they use, their relationship with internal and external stakeholders) • For Level B, a description of how they have led each project/portfolio/programme and how they meet the complexity criteria for the level being applied for noting that these details shall be used as the basis for the Report criteria.

During the process of Self-Assessment and Executive Summary Report / Project Report writing, each candidate is expected to assess those specific areas of the competency elements which need to be addressed and works out an individual Competence Development Plan, to self-manage them as well as to prioritize so that self-development objectives are met and he/she is able to bridge the gaps. The Assessors will review the Plan during the assessment / interview and give their inputs for further improvement, if any. The number of CEs to be addressed in the CDP are given below:- 5 People CEs, 7 Practice CEs and 3 Perspective CEs.

Complexity Evaluation and Selection of Subject for 2 Literature Synopses

Based on the evidence provided by the applicant, PMA Cert shall inform the applicant of its decision to accept or reject an application.

Candidates score shall be based on the number of correct answers. There will be no deduction for wrong answers and unanswered questions will be treated as wrong answers.

The candidates are presented with a situation and asked to undertake tasks corresponding to the relevant role while being observed by the Assessors.

Candidates shall submit a report covering their project (s), programme (s) or portfolio (s), related to the same as those described in the Executive Summary Report provided in the Candidates' application. The level of complexity described in the report shall correspond to the level applied for. Report shall be max. 25 pages with additional 15 pages for the appendices and Font size 11 points. The following shall be covered: Background: Detailed description of the project/programme or portfolio role in context, key stakeholders, scope and key objectives, project/programme/portfolio organization and the associated resources that the candidate is responsible for (max. 3 pgs including graphics) Project/programme/portfolio management challenges: The candidate shall provide an overview of management challenges throughout the period of the project/programme or portfolio role related to the chosen Competence Elements and level being applied for. The report shall address the candidates' experience of 1) their management and leadership challenges with respect to others, 2) how these were acted upon and the results achieved and 3) a reflection on the results and lessons learnt.

Regular interview for 90 minutes by two IPMA certified Assessors.

PMA Cert will decide based on the final evaluation by the Assessors.

PMA Cert will issue the certificate and register it in PMA Cert as well as IPMA databases. The Certificate will have a validity of 5 years from the date of issue and will expire 5 years later less one day from the date of issue. The Candidates are advised to get their certificates renewed at the same level before the expiry of the certificate or certification at a new level is required.

Who Should Attend

The IPMA-B certification is intended for project managers of complex projects or large projects. In professional practice, large projects require intensive project management techniques that small projects do not. Smaller projects, in contrast, are more dependent on relationships between stakeholders rather than rigid application of project management practices.

Project professionals having Min. 8 years of PM experience, out of which 5 years in responsible leadership functions of complex projects. Also, all those experienced professionals who are part of the project team including HR and Finance.

Registration Fee

Program fee: Rs 68,750/- per person plus GST @ 18%

  • Registration fee is non refundable. However, alternate persons can be nominated
  • Cheque /Draft is payable to “Project Management Associates” at New Delhi
  • The registration fee does not include travel and hotel accommodation


19 & 25 – 26 March 2022 (09:30 – 17:30 hrs)
(Sat and Fri – Sat)

Exam Venue

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